Ride the C.O.L.T.

Chatsworth Orange Line Tour

Free Bike Rally and Health Walk

Presented by the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council

Sunday, June 10th, 2018 @ 9am

Chatsworth Station (South Parking Lot)


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Why is this event planned?

To introduce residents to the Orange Line and new street pavement markings; to showcase Chatsworth as a destination site to ride, to teach children about bicycle safety, to reinforce exercising on bicycles, to reinforce a healthy lifestyle, to provide family recreation locally, to show alternative transportation modes, to showcase how to reduce one’s carbon footprint, to introduce residents to the Orange Line, to showcase businesses and residential areas along the route, and finally to encourage cycling as a positive form of family entertainment.

I can’t print out my waiver. What should I do?

You can access your waiver form from the registration page. However, if you really can’t print it, don’t worry. Just take note of your bib number and get into the line appropriate for that number. We will have blank forms there, but it will slow down your check in as you will have to fill it out there before we can give you your number. But as long as you know your bib number, it will be faster than the “I forgot” or “Day of” registration lines.

How much time will the full 19 miles take?

It should take about 2-3 hours, depending on the breaks you take in the ride. A typical casual rider will cruise at 8-10 MPH, so that would mean the COLT tour would be completed in two hours. But if you stop for an extended break at the Gas Company rest stop, or stop for a Starbucks on Plummer or lunch at Subway in Porter Ranch you can add another hour or more to your ride. So plan your ride accordingly. But stopping makes the ride much more fun. We highly recommend it. And we do it whenever we ride the COLT.

Is the ride truly flat?

No. Southbound on the Orange Line Extension on Canoga is a slight downhill, so 15MPH is not unusual. But uphill on Wilbur from Devonshire to Rinaldi to get over the 118 freeway can slow you down to 6MPH. Along Rinaldi the route is slightly up and down, but there is a HUGE DOWNHILL on Rinaldi just east of Desoto. Be careful here. You can get to 40MPH in this stretch! Waaay fun but waaay dangerous! We suggest you slow down here. You’ve been warned. And regarding the “flat ride” question, The only truly “flat ride” is on a lake bed in the desert. And it won’t feel flat if there is a wind a’blowin.

Is the ride rated “Easy” or “Medium”?

Most of the ride is very easy. It only could be considered Medium in the 2 mile uphill on Wilbur from Plummer to Rinaldi, with the steeper part the last 1 mile from Devonshire to Rinaldi. Those who want to avoid that last one mile can take a number of shortcuts ( see the yellow routes on the route map). But the shortcuts are not as scenic. And you miss all the food joints in Porter Ranch. But if you stopped for a Starbucks on Plummer, you are probably good to go on back if you are so inclined. Plus you can hit up Robecks if you take Devonshire.

Where can I see the full route?

The Routes page has lots of different ways to view the route. We have a map as an image, we have a GPX file for your old school GPS device, and we have the routes uploaded to Strava, Map My Ride, and Ride With GPS.

Is this an annual event? Will it happen again?

The COLT is planned as an annual event. But it all depends on volunteers. If you want to help out in the future, contact the ride directors.

Will this be the only route for the COLT?

Each year, the route has shifted ever so slightly as we try out different streets. This is the 2016 route. The 2018 route may be different…it may be in REVERSE…If you have other ideas for a COLT alternate route please send them to the ride directors. We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts.

Can I leave feedback?

Yes, one of the tabs at the top of RideTheColt.com is a CONTACT tab. Leave the ride directors a note there.

I can’t ride, but I can help out. Do you need any help?

YES! Contact the ride directors and tell us what you are able to do. We need check-in people…parking aids…balloon blowers….whatever you can do do help out.

Is the raffle really FREE?

Yes, every rider gets one free ticket. No tickets will be sold. We are not raising money at this event. It is just for fun.

Why is this ride happening?

The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council is proud of the fact that we have a great cycling and transportation facility right here in Chatsworth. The City strongly supports cycling, and has put in new bike lanes and bike paths in the valley, and is constructing more miles every day. We want to highlight these new infrastructure changes and show them to you. You’ve probably not seen them before. I know we didn’t until we started selecting routes for the ride.

How do I sign up?

Click on the Sign Up tab at the Home Page. Then join us for coffee and bagels the morning of the event!

What is “SAG” as in SAG Support as stated in the Flyer?

SAG is a cycling term meaning someone will be there to help out in case you run into trouble. It comes from the acronym Support And Gear. If you need help with a flat tire or chain issue and you can’t fix it yourself, we will dispatch someone to your location to help out. Or in the worst case, to pick you up and drag your sorry bottom back to the starting gate.

If the route is 19 miles, how can someone ride less (like 2) as you say in the flyer?

Those who want to ride less than 8 miles will simply head south on the Orange line, and turn back at whatever half-way point they choose. If you want to ride 2 miles, head south and turn back at the 1mile mark. If you want to ride 8 miles, turn back at the Vanowen street turn and you’ll have done 8.2 miles.

Will you be closing any streets? What about traffic?

Don’t worry! This is NOT CicLAvia (but we do love those guys), so there will be no road closures. We are doing this 95% on separated bike paths, bike lanes, or quiet side streets, so this shouldn’t have an effect on traffic.

Will you be riding in any equestrian areas?

Yes, we will be traveling through a portion of Chatsworth that has equestrian trails. Don’t worry, we will be on the streets, not on the trails. This is also the last portion of the ride, so the bicycles should be spread out by then, minimizing any impact.